Faith Jacobson

Music - Dance - Health

Faith Mary-Angela is a singer, dancer, and writer dedicated to making an impact on the world. 

Born in Jupiter, FL, Faith knew early on she was destined to make a difference. Her father, a scientist and inventor who discovered the metamorphic equation mc^2=BvLq, told her he needed her help showing the world the importance of his discovery, an extension of Einstein's famous theory E=mc^2 that can be used to calculate specific magnetic frequencies in order to re-normalize living cells, healing the body of ailments. Faith has made it her mission to spread awareness of what his equation could mean for society.

Skills and talents include:

Ballroom Dance: Salsa, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Hustle

Singing: Jazz, Pop, Country

Writing: Lyrics, Short Stories, Novels, Columns & Blogs

Speaking: Voice-Over, Narration, Public Speaking

Acting: Commercials, Film, On-Stage

Video Production: Film, Edit, & Voice-Over 

After getting her bachelor's in communications from the University of South Florida, Faith realized one of the best ways to communicate with people is through the arts. People connect through emotion, and what better way to convey emotion than through song, dance, or a good story. A natural performer, she gravitated towards being on stage - singing and dancing, her audience captivated by her expression of movement and sound. 

"Music, dance, story-telling - all considered entertainment, but it is so much more than that. What you are doing is getting people to feel something, connect with something, and open up the imagination to what is truly possible."

Faith uses her art as a catalyst to broaden perspectives. Whether it be through writing, video, music, or dancing, the inherent beauty and underlining message of her pieces speaks to the audience's subconscious desire for finding purpose.