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-Yet, we continue to fear things that are different, and that which we don’t understand.  Our escape from freedom into the group thought permits us the security of ignorance.-

-Authenticity is replaced with conformity.-    

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Life is Art in Motion


Each minute detail contributes to the totality of our life, to the picture as a whole, our personality, our worldview based on experiences we didn’t know we had forgotten.  Our thoughts, actions, environment, how we move about our life creates our future; as we are the subject in our painting,  the actor in our dreams.


One warm morning in Tampa Bay, I began jogging along a nature trail on an empty dirt path, surrounded by trees and the sound of birds singing their morning song.  I was not in the best shape, trying to get back into running like my cross country days in high school, trying to control my breathing yet feeling like I was going at a snail pace. 

Just before I was about to give up, my adrenaline kicked in, and suddenly I felt good, suddenly I felt lighter, energetic, like there was hope and a future to my body rebuilding its strength and stamina.  I stopped looking down at my feet, one foot in front of the other, and I looked up, I looked to the sides of me, passing trees, a beautiful little stream, squirrels scurrying away.

I noticed the suns arousal, illuminating the blue sky, clouds floating gracefully.  I felt as though suddenly I began to glide.  As I became comfortable in my stride, my imagination unfolded, my thoughts more creative, and my view of that moment in time was one of gratitude, beauty, peace and love for nature. 

As I began to appreciate the serene Florida wildlife, I noticed that each glimpse, in its own way, was like a picture. As though the lens of my eyes were on automatic, snapping milliseconds of pictures through each view. And if you have ever taken a multitude of shots within one second, you recognize the slightest variance in each scene, unique in each way. (As animation is created.)   It is such a majestic and extraordinary way that our brain and bodies work in unison.

It was in this moment, that the phrase, “Life is Art in Motion,” came to me.  As I began to notice the finest details through my eyes, and appreciate them, I recognized real beauty.   I had run this trail before, and I had been to other trails bigger, longer and perhaps more beautifully maintained, but never had I had this epiphany.  I basked in its raw, earthy simplicity.

Each minute detail contributes to the totality of our life, to the picture as a whole, our personality, our worldview based on experiences we didn’t know we had forgotten.  Our thoughts, actions, environment, how we move about our life creates our future; as we are the subject in our painting, or the actor in our dreams.

As a life- long student of dance, I imagine that every movement, in each pause and breath, that someone was taking a picture; from the toes to the fingers, posture, direction of movement, facial expressions, alignment, each detail can make all the difference.  An untrained eye won’t always notice “mistakes,” but it may make the technical difference between laziness and perfection.   

Same as with singing, the untrained listener doesn’t always know or follow each note, but one may recognize the overall sound created whether is harmonious or not.  

We cannot see the notes, but they are scaling chords, moving us, moving our body, triggering memories; and the dance augers emotions… while watching, listening or dancing, time stands still.

Dance, singing, running in a park, playing with the kids, walking in the city, surfing in the ocean, helping others, doing what we love, or even what we don’t love to do, both the good and the bad; this is all art in motion.

We, as human beings are imperfect.  But it is the effort, the kindness, the persistence, the creativity and self expression, and the unselfishness; herein is where the beauty/art in action lies.

Each day that we go through life, we capture every millisecond with our minds eye, our brains like our computer, processing images and creating memories, thoughts actions.  Sometimes, we take for granted the opportunity to see, to create these memories.

We have a choice, to view life as art, as a constant creation; a mosaic of images that manifest our life, our destiny, or to go through life blind, only seeing what others put in front of you, with no imagination, only robotic action conditioned as one of the masses.

I urge you to choose to see color, choose to stop and take a moment to find your art, and take a moment to embrace it.  Value nature, value the journey of change, when life gets tough, and then when you get a break.

Embrace the pain of challenge and hardship, for in that moment of your life, there is still art and value in your tears.

Just as in the picture that I attached to this blog, there was a storm right next to the sunrise. One may choose to focus only on the rain, without realizing the sun is right beside it.  There is beauty in the rage of Mother Nature as well.

Life is yin and yang, and although I say appreciate and recognize the beauty and art, there will always be suffering and strife, challenges and heartbreak, disease and distress. Art is not always beautiful; sometimes it can be ugly, frightening or filled with sorrow and longing.  We must find the purpose in everything. If we embrace the healing process, we become stronger and smarter for it.

In historical fine art, wars, bloodshed have been recorded.  Series of paintings are dark and mysterious, with blacks and browns being used to portray corruption, greed, green for envy and red for blood and death. Every artist has their own perspective of pain, and each viewer has their own interpretation.

Even when in a moment of confusion and distress, still, we must appreciate the fact that we can still see physically, and with our senses, with our god given life and ability to move throughout the day, to be active, to be physical, to have the arms legs and mobility, to live a life. For there are many who cannot.

We can get through each chapter, the good and the bad, and as such we must embrace both the happy and the sad. After hurt comes healing. Our minds must surpass our emotion, yet both has its place.  

The goal is to never stop moving, never become complacent, always strive for improvement to be the best “you,” to create your own happiness in life, to paint your own picture and choose the beauty you want to see. 

Life is art in motion.




Side note:

I use the term “beauty,” it can mean whatever you want it to mean.  Something aesthetically pleasing, or a positive way something makes you feel, or a non-traditional (non-social norm) form of happiness.

It helps to find time to appreciate life by immersing yourself in a moment of being in nature. Finding an environment that envelopes your soul to feel something beyond id or ego, beyond satiating the instincts for survival, being distracted by entertainment, and releasing expectations, fears, and other people’s influence; view life for what you think it should be.  Everyone can experience and should experience inner peace and appreciation of solitude within nature.  


PEACE (after the Las Vegas massacre)

When the Vegas Massacre happened, and everyone was posting videos, I could barely watch more then 10 seconds at a time.  I was sickened by the thought of the reality of it, I was so sad for the people that were there and for the loss of life.  I couldn’t bear to watch, because it was real.  It wasn’t a movie or T.V show. It wasn’t a video game, or some violent drama  that we are so used to seeing; it was real life. These were real people taking videos, scrambling for their lives.

I think, that in in a way, people have become desensitized to seeing violence due to the prevalence of it.   We must be humble to the vulnerability of human life. Yet,  the loss of lives and those injured is denigrated to a number, almost de humanizing it because a number is easier to report than the hundreds of names and faces who suffered.  But if you take each innocent individual, each one had their own story, family, their own impact upon others, and the loss was so much more than just a statistic to report. 

It’s frightening because no one can know exactly what the murderer was thinking, even the specialists who try to decipher a motive, but there is no way to know.  What made him think that this was something he could do, that he had a right to do, which he didn’t. The climate of the society and culture right now is destructive; how the chaos seems to fit in with the rest of the catastrophe and hate.  This shouldn't benefit ratings on news stations and create more advertisement dollars, but it probably does. 


On the morning of that unfortunate day,  for once the news stations seem to be broadcasting a similar idea.. For a time, people were on the same page, feeling empathy and recognizing and important for unity, valuing the people.  But just as the day came, it went, the sun rose the next day, and the burden was on the people who suffered and those to clean up after the mess, while everyone else went about their day.  The casino went back to its normal business, eventually time goes by and people forget and more disagreement arose.

It shouldn’t be that only during times of catastrophe, do people come together.  Why must we wait for bad things to occur for us to recognize the gravity of life and value of kindness, compassion and understanding?  This should be a daily occurrence, this should be innate, it should be human nature to come together as one people for the good of all mankind; not to band together only in times of weakness; but to remain strong together for a greater purpose. 


And that is what Peace is.  Peace is something to be achieved through differences and finding the harmony during communication of an idea and message, to bring forth understanding and common ground. (Which, in my opinion, is something politics and the media is missing).

"An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind." -Mahatma Gandhi

As an example, harmony is created through multiple instruments voicing their notes and chords in tune with one another.  They may be different and vary in size, shape, color, sound; but each has a purpose in an orchestra, each contributes to the overall finality .  And the true leader, the conductor, he has the most important position, to orchestrate this variance, to lead each musician, and to unite in balance and harmony; thus creating an illustrious tone, and to paint a beautiful mental image through resonance. This also takes practice and discordance at first, but through working together eventually creates a positive and greater end-result.    (In a perfect world, our President would be this conductor and the people would be the voices to be heard. )  Without the shared purpose and a knowledgable leader, there is dissonance, noise, disruption, disturbance etc. 

Music is the language that speaks to all, as is art.  A beautiful picture is created with many colors, shades, brushes, each to be appreciated for its contribution for the entirety of the painting.  For even in the shadows lies beauty.

This is what Peace is, peace is to be achieved through work, balancing the differing opinions, weighing out the good with the bad, the yin and the yang.  Peace can simply exist within us, but today we have to look for it hidden under cobwebs next to moral, ethics and integrity. 

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress." 

We cannot be perfect, therefore we must strive for  balance.  Peace is balance.  Love is finding balance, finding a way, commonalities between people, appreciating differences and coming to an agreement. 

The irony is when peace must be fought for, when there must be war in order to achieve peace.   But it shouldn't have to be this way.  From a higher level of thinking, comes understanding; but the will to understand, the will to be subservient to the greater good and sacrifice ego; to be vulnerable as a human being to seek peace. This is rare. 


Only may peace be achieved through recognizing differences and accepting them.  And this is the challenge, this is the test of our character and our inner strength.  To stand ground and be consistent, rather than to follow the crowd.  To hold true to beliefs and accept others.  This is the basis of life, growth and prosperity of the world, to be able to communicate effectively with the common goal for the future of mankind, not the destruction of each other. 

Martin Luther King Jr said," We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools."

Yet, everything is cyclical, must there be destruction in order for there to be repair and growth? The Dissonance in our country creates weakness and sets a bad example to the world.

I may compare and use the term peace for everything, balance, and health; for peace in mind, body and spirit. 





What defines you?

No one wants to be just another face, just another name, known by a social security number as a consumer in a world of billions of people.   Yet, we must choose who we are and what we do with our time, supporting ourselves through a job and title, yet truly seeking our purpose in life and who we are.  It's easy to get lost in the pressures of social norms and to lose time and years "giving in, or settling."  It is our ego that makes us great, yet it is also the ego that could be our greatest weakness of all.   Remain humble, cognizant, savvy, secure and sober, and then you will garner inner strength that cannot be compromised.

IMG_1410 3 (1).jpg

On my business card it says that I am a “Ballroom Dance Instructor.” 

Then there’s a picture of me, wearing a sexy Latin dance outfit that may draw attention to my body, perhaps a potential male client would be interested in taking lessons from me.  He doesn’t need to know the extent of my knowledge of dancing,  just that he wouldn’t mind the company of a pretty girl holding frame with him, teaching him how to lead a lady and maintain good posture, telling him which foot to place where, all so he can sweep a lady off her feet and move across the dance floor. (Hopefully without a few shots of scotch first)

Acting the part, how you make a person feel, being aesthetically pleasing, is more important to people than really what you know, in the beginning.  Of course, knowledge is power and will retain people in your presence rather than boring them to seek enticement elsewhere, yet drawing them in is key.  Shallow yet true.

I was advised to label myself as one thing on my business card, as not to confuse people too much. Yet what I do, does not define who I am. I dislike labeling, I hate to box myself in as one thing.  Really, I would love to write the titles of art director, executive secretary to a biophysicist, singer, writer, etc...   Why must we limit ourselves? There is nothing we cannot figure out, and although we are taught to specialize, this inhibits us from creativity and imagination.

The great genius Albert Einstein said, ""Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

Yet, many people are one dimensional and cannot handle information overload. (Hence technological reliance). 

People want to be able to label (judge) others, as a way for them to identify (and compare) themselves.

A first impression is generated within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, right away they know whether or not you are someone they wither want to get to know, or have no interest in at all.   As we are mammals who form identity within groups, being “different” amongst the crowd to stand alone, is a typical subconscious fear of most people.

To be excluded, to live alone, to work alone, to die alone, no one wants to do, so they succumb to the groups majority, doing and acting how they must to fit in.  Conditioning is involved, learning speech, mannerisms, social norms and identifying themselves with a group, is all important to ones identify. 

And then comes the ego. 

People act and think according to  their ego, unbeknownst, to fulfill immediate gratification and satisfaction.  All ads, commercials, media and news, entertainment and sports, is all catered to the psychological study of a persons ego and the id, and how to monopolize and monetize off of it. By remaining stagnant and unaware, we buy into commercialized products and the ideas being fed to us, and people become consumers.  People want to feel good about themselves when they feel in a position of power and control over others, having money or tangible objects, being center of attention or feeling needed, wanted, and belonging. It is a social norm for us to follow certain patterns of behavior to fit in, or else risk being called an outcast or maverick. 

The Id and the Ego are our greatest weakness.

We are not in control, and we lose our freedom of self when we give into this need for a sense of control, power, approval and greed. We may think we make our own choices, but how are they our choices when the options are given to us? 

When we are superficial and shallow enough to determine our self worth through tangible objects, monetary value; sacrifice self respect and integrity just to “get ahead;” we lose our greatest strength, we lose what makes us superior beings; which is our super ego.  

Our super ego doesn’t need people, it doesn’t need things or approval from others.  It doesn’t need an identity defined by social standards to give our lives and names value. 

The super-ego is character, it is consciousness, it is value of integrity and self respect, it is individuality and being able to separate us from what others think and being able to think for ourselves. 

Garnering our own opinion of life and how we shall live, whether or not it succumbs to the standards by which we are conditioned.  

Allowing ourselves to let go of things we think we own, and being humble before God, before the universe, before the totality of life that all things are connected and we are no greater nor less than any other living being. 

This recognition of selflessness, not needing anything,  just being; this is the ultimate power of life.

Only then, can we reach enlightenment of ourselves and our true passions and purpose, to realize that our purpose is to serve the greater good of all.   This cannot be defined by a word, a name or a title.  This must be recognized by the soul, the consciousness, the chemistry, the things that cannot be defined, only felt. 

When you are alone, (whether it be in dreams or ideas) you must not be lonely.  

For it is in this moment, you are finally free.



A glimpse

After exhausting options, jumping from job to job, traveling from place to place and never feeling satisfied, I thought something was wrong with me. I’ve never felt “home” anywhere, until now, I find myself happiest sitting at the piano, learning new songs to play, improving, and working on my own original songs.

I wrote my first song when I was 4 years old and my grandmother died. I’ll never forget trying to understand the meaning of death. I locked myself in the room and sang my little heart out, crying out to someone I had loved and lost, and for the first time, I felt something so strong it overpowered me and I allowed myself to let go. Little did I know that my mother, also a singer/dancer, heard every word, felt my pain, and allowed me to free myself and connect with her one last time. It wouldn't be until years later Mom admitted to standing by the door, listening, and reminds me to this day how powerful and moving that moment was for her and for me.

I continued to write, but never did anything with it. I went to school and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communications to be an anchor on TV. (That’s another story) I was told I needed to conform, to get a “real job”, fit into society etc. I didn’t want to be boxed and labeled. I felt I would have to sacrifice what I believed in, every day giving up another piece of me, my soul, my spirit, left feeling depleted.

I knew I was different. I couldn’t find happiness in monotony, not unless I was creating, singing, dancing or writing, feeling productive not in the way of making money but utilizing my talent. And now I’m making the time to focus on my art and fitness. I crave challenge, I long for something greater than the illusion in which we live in, the discovery of truth, doing what’s right, advancing our civilization and uplifting others. We must be aware, awake, and make healthy choices for ourselves to balance mind, body, spirit. Living this way, nothing is impossible. (I’ll save this for my next blog)

For those who know me, they know i’ve dedicated the past 7 years to helping my father who lost his vision serving as a Captain in the Vietnam War. He is a physicist and inventor, doctor, artist, musician and philosopher. He discovered an important equation based on Einstein’s theory and applied it to medicine. He’s worked tirelessly for years publishing, lecturing, and because his discovery is revolutionary, like every other genius in history, his story is tumultuous, filled with suffering, high’s and lows, corruption, and greed. Yet, as another man would have given up, he perseveres, and with my help we will achieve the dream of bringing to light his discovery and how it will revolutionize the future.

As a little girl I would spend hours in his clinic watching sick people being helped. I’ve witnessed pain, suffering, and I felt for these people. I’ve witnessed the kind of internal pain that makes you hard inside, tough, realistic and it has built my character. I’ve always had to learn things the hard way. And now, that inner turmoil and experience has given me heart, soul, and purpose.

-Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching Chapt. 22:

For this reason the Master embraces the Tao,

as an example for the world to follow.

Because she isn’t self centered,

people can see the light in her.

Because she does not boast of herself,

she becomes a shining example.

Because she does not glorify herself,

she becomes a person of merit.

Because she wants nothing from the world,

the world cannot overcome her.

“When the ancient Masters said,

“If you want to become whole,

then first let yourself be broken,”

they weren’t using empty words.

All who do this will be made complete.