Faith Jacobson

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What defines you?

No one wants to be just another face, just another name, known by a social security number as a consumer in a world of billions of people.   Yet, we must choose who we are and what we do with our time, supporting ourselves through a job and title, yet truly seeking our purpose in life and who we are.  It's easy to get lost in the pressures of social norms and to lose time and years "giving in, or settling."  It is our ego that makes us great, yet it is also the ego that could be our greatest weakness of all.   Remain humble, cognizant, savvy, secure and sober, and then you will garner inner strength that cannot be compromised.

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On my business card it says that I am a “Ballroom Dance Instructor.” 

Then there’s a picture of me, wearing a sexy Latin dance outfit that may draw attention to my body, perhaps a potential male client would be interested in taking lessons from me.  He doesn’t need to know the extent of my knowledge of dancing,  just that he wouldn’t mind the company of a pretty girl holding frame with him, teaching him how to lead a lady and maintain good posture, telling him which foot to place where, all so he can sweep a lady off her feet and move across the dance floor. (Hopefully without a few shots of scotch first)

Acting the part, how you make a person feel, being aesthetically pleasing, is more important to people than really what you know, in the beginning.  Of course, knowledge is power and will retain people in your presence rather than boring them to seek enticement elsewhere, yet drawing them in is key.  Shallow yet true.

I was advised to label myself as one thing on my business card, as not to confuse people too much. Yet what I do, does not define who I am. I dislike labeling, I hate to box myself in as one thing.  Really, I would love to write the titles of art director, executive secretary to a biophysicist, singer, writer, etc...   Why must we limit ourselves? There is nothing we cannot figure out, and although we are taught to specialize, this inhibits us from creativity and imagination.

The great genius Albert Einstein said, ""Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

Yet, many people are one dimensional and cannot handle information overload. (Hence technological reliance). 

People want to be able to label (judge) others, as a way for them to identify (and compare) themselves.

A first impression is generated within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, right away they know whether or not you are someone they wither want to get to know, or have no interest in at all.   As we are mammals who form identity within groups, being “different” amongst the crowd to stand alone, is a typical subconscious fear of most people.

To be excluded, to live alone, to work alone, to die alone, no one wants to do, so they succumb to the groups majority, doing and acting how they must to fit in.  Conditioning is involved, learning speech, mannerisms, social norms and identifying themselves with a group, is all important to ones identify. 

And then comes the ego. 

People act and think according to  their ego, unbeknownst, to fulfill immediate gratification and satisfaction.  All ads, commercials, media and news, entertainment and sports, is all catered to the psychological study of a persons ego and the id, and how to monopolize and monetize off of it. By remaining stagnant and unaware, we buy into commercialized products and the ideas being fed to us, and people become consumers.  People want to feel good about themselves when they feel in a position of power and control over others, having money or tangible objects, being center of attention or feeling needed, wanted, and belonging. It is a social norm for us to follow certain patterns of behavior to fit in, or else risk being called an outcast or maverick. 

The Id and the Ego are our greatest weakness.

We are not in control, and we lose our freedom of self when we give into this need for a sense of control, power, approval and greed. We may think we make our own choices, but how are they our choices when the options are given to us? 

When we are superficial and shallow enough to determine our self worth through tangible objects, monetary value; sacrifice self respect and integrity just to “get ahead;” we lose our greatest strength, we lose what makes us superior beings; which is our super ego.  

Our super ego doesn’t need people, it doesn’t need things or approval from others.  It doesn’t need an identity defined by social standards to give our lives and names value. 

The super-ego is character, it is consciousness, it is value of integrity and self respect, it is individuality and being able to separate us from what others think and being able to think for ourselves. 

Garnering our own opinion of life and how we shall live, whether or not it succumbs to the standards by which we are conditioned.  

Allowing ourselves to let go of things we think we own, and being humble before God, before the universe, before the totality of life that all things are connected and we are no greater nor less than any other living being. 

This recognition of selflessness, not needing anything,  just being; this is the ultimate power of life.

Only then, can we reach enlightenment of ourselves and our true passions and purpose, to realize that our purpose is to serve the greater good of all.   This cannot be defined by a word, a name or a title.  This must be recognized by the soul, the consciousness, the chemistry, the things that cannot be defined, only felt. 

When you are alone, (whether it be in dreams or ideas) you must not be lonely.  

For it is in this moment, you are finally free.