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Thoughts of a Perspectivist

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness .  Lao Tzu 

As with everyone and everything, when something bad happens we want to know why. 

A motive, a reason, something to give us justification.

We are conditioned to blame others, to point fingers to justify selfishness, to transfer guilt to another and to remove the burden from a heavy heart.   It is satisfying to have someone to blame, for then it relieves pressure from oneself.  But most of the time, when the answers are important and unknown, we look to God and ask why, yet only to be answered with silence.   When you want to know, “Why did your father have to go blind,” or “Why do children have to die of cancer, why is there so much sickness, sadness and poverty in the world?” “How do terrorists/murderers find reason to take peoples lives?”    We want to believe there is justice and  truth in both the good and the bad.  But the answer is often unclear, and the answer is sometimes never seen in life. 

Why do we have to wait for chaos and destruction to happen in order for us to appreciate peace?  Why is destruction cyclical?

As a product of watching the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan to close WWII, there followed a time of peace, because people were faced with the vision of their own mortality. They saw the brutal destruction created by the atomic bomb and was shocked into a state of calm, from fear.  But this doesn’t last forever, because forgetfulness eventually leads to chaos that produced the chaos to being with.  People don’t learn from history.  People are becoming so judgmental about culture, skin color, geography, that is has become impossible to think clearly and rationally, to place things into perspective 

We can’t know what the sequelae of an ostensibly negative event is because it’s too extensive for our narrow vision.  When you want to get an answer to a question that is truly profound, you often just can’t, because your level of perception is too focused, too narrow, you can’t see the whole picture; we can’t see how the universe adjusts to the changing situations.  A loss of a life changes a lot of things, it changes the attitudes of parents, friends, creates a vacuum that needs to be filled from another source.  When something is empty, something must come and fill it to retain the balance and harmony of the universe, and most often we cannot see this.

Unfortunately, there is business behind bad news, when someone gets diagnosed there is money to be made.   High ratings are the only thing that’s important in TV, not the message.  The result is contrived superficiality.  Peer pressure and persuasion takes the place of individualism.  The study of human behavior and psychology is used against us to persuade us to think a certain way, buy a certain product and move in a certain direction, as the collective does.   Authenticity is replaced with conformity.    

There is money to be made from ignorance, indolence and suffering, and therefore the climate of this world has become increasingly plebian.

Somehow, we have become surrounded by nonsense, subliminal messages poisoning our thoughts, and being sold deception.  

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

We should not live in fear; we are conditioned to think and behave in certain patterns by the group, and this robs us of our individuated judgment.  Everything must change.  The integrity of the objective world and its relation to the individual must cry for honesty.

When you remain independent of the coercive collective (the collective, the group, coerces and conditions the individual to lose himself), and you eliminate the need for approval, then you quell the inner voice of fear, guilt, greed and desire.  This eradicates negative emotions like hate and envy.

  Purify your mind, dismiss conflicting ideas and chaos by replacing it with reason.

Cleanse your body by eliminating processed food and alcohol, this is the right step to take for a brighter future.

People should work together as opposed to debating like Greek Sophists. 

(In early Greece, the art of debate was invented by those educated to employ words in argument to lead others in any direction they chose. In other words, the Greek sophists were the creators of linguistic bullshit.  They were the ones that used words to lead people astray, to make them think whatever the sophists wanted to think.  They were not after the truth, as Plato was, and they were the ones who murdered Socrates for teaching children truth).

If we focused our energies on education, true health, non-profit charities (with no CEO to collect big checks); if we allowed new ideas to come forth on technology and energy, science, and searched for ways to improve our Earth instead of destroying it, perhaps we could finally allow light to shine in on the darkness that has seeped into the country.  

Yet, we continue to fear things that are different, and that which we don’t understand.  Our escape from freedom into the group thought permits us the security of ignorance.

Whether you believe in God, in fate or destiny, or you believe in nothing, one thing is for certain; you value life and fear death. When one sees horrific sights, i.e. war, horror movies, car accidents, or others suffering, it only impacts him/her for a moment, but often doesn’t change his/her life; because he/she doesn’t believe it’s going to happen to him/her.  Why are the highest ratings connected to bad things?

We need balance, good and bad.  But when you get into that downward spiral of negativity, which is what we see and hear all the time, more negativity flourishes from that. I call this the social cycle of bullshit.

It’s the state of mind of the totality; all of us living together on this planet, our consciousness’s are connected; and if we can raise each other up, we can save humanity.  Maybe.

No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it- Einstein